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Lois & Clark 11b.1: All I Want for Christmas Is You

December is a time when wishes come true, and my dearest wish has always been to have a Christmas special of my very own. This year, Santa Claus — represented here by Signal Watch host Ryan Steans — has given me a Christmas podcast episode to talk about my very favorite thing, which is ranking Superman actors by hotness.

We’re talking about “Twas the Night Before Mxymas”, from the fourth season of the ’90s TV show Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. In this episode, Lois Lane needs to learn how to experience the wonder of Christmas, although she already has pretty much every possible reason to be happy, and should really not be obsessed with how much stuffing she needs to make.

Ryan and I discuss all kinds of festive topics, including why Lois Lane is one of the greatest characters in fiction, how to tell a Superman story with hardly any special effects, and why you should never pay attention to what happens to actors that you have a crush on. Come deck the halls with us!

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Inhumans 70b.4: But Here We Are

You know, sometimes it’s important to step back and focus on the things that are truly insignificant, and that’s what Ryan and I have done with our 4-part podcast explaining and condemning the 2017 ABC-TV disaster Marvel’s Inhumans.

It’s the season finale for my series of podcasts with the Signal Watch on terrible Marvel products of the past, and we willfully squander that time discussing episodes 7 and 8 of this utterly ridiculous show.

This time, we dig into the big questions, like: How do you make a show that’s entirely about genetics when you don’t anything about how genes work? and: Why would you make a show about a race of superheroes where you don’t tell us what anybody’s powers are?

Give us a listen and enjoy the schadenfreude, as we find out what happens when reach exceeds grasp by a very wide margin.

Also: I’m calling this a season finale for my Signal Watch podcasts, because it’s probably time for me to stop taking over Ryan’s show and actually start one of my own. That won’t happen until I’ve settled into the Superman III coverage for a bit, so I’m not sure when it’ll launch, or what it’ll be about. But I’ve really enjoyed these podcasts, and I plan on doing more of them, so stay tuned for that.

Speaking of Superman III: I’m going to take one more week to get ready, and I’m planning to be back to regular posts in the second week of October. Superman III is a real watershed for the genre and I have all kinds of interesting things to discuss with you. I’ll be back soon!


— Danny Horn

Inhumans 70b.3: Are We the Baddies?

This is where we are: A family of selfish, hyper-destructive idiot moon mutants have been forced against their will to go on vacation in Hawaii, which they insist on believing is a nightmare, despite the fact that everyone is super nice to them, and they’re having a wonderful time.

Yes, Ryan and I are still watching Inhumans, and we have a whole four-part podcast to prove it. This is part three, covering episodes 5 and 6, in which the royal family of the moon continue to bumble around Oahu, wrecking everything they see.

This is the point when the writers start trashing their entire premise, taking everything that we thought we knew about the main characters’ stupid civilization, and completely contradicting it without even really noticing that they’re doing it. The smartest character on the show turns out to be the beautiful surfer dude, and both Ryan and I somehow fall completely under his spell.

Nobody else gives you this kind of deep coverage of inconsequential failed superhero television shows, so check it out, and we’ll be back next week with the final installment!

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Inhumans 70b.2: I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon

Dig this: a family of rich, spoiled moon mutants are the rulers of an unstable and unsustainable civilization the size of Bitter Lick, Iowa, which is based on a clearly oppressive caste system in which poor people who don’t have superpowers are forced to spend their lives underground, digging with their fingernails to find crystals that will help the wealthy 1% turn their children into supermutants.

There is an inevitable and sorely-needed military coup, and the royal family’s college-age niece, in a panic, gets her magical teleporting dog to scatter the family around Oahu for some reason, where they instantly start breaking laws and assaulting people. 

So the driving question of the series is: How do the people of Hawaii band together to contain this dangerous situation?

This is part 2 of our four-part Inhumans series on the Signal Watch podcast, where Ryan and I discuss episodes 3 and 4 of this fascinating and absorbing series. Like the series itself, we’re probably shedding half of our audience with every episode, so please take a listen, because we do not want to be left alone with this television show.

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Inhumans 70b.1: Welcome to the Family Madrigal

Marvel’s Inhumans is a 2017 TV show about a family of rich, spoiled moon mutants who make every situation they walk into immeasurably worse. It’s got a lead character who can’t talk and can’t use his superpowers, ruling a doomed moon kingdom the size of an average urban high school built on an unnecessary slave caste system. After a completely understandable coup topples this corrupt regime, Black Bolt and his chuckleheaded family end up scattered around Honolulu, where they break laws, injure people and destroy everything that they come into contact with.

I was part of the select group of people who actually watched all eight episodes on ABC five years ago, and now I finally get my chance to tell people everything that is wrong with this ridiculous show. This is the first part of a thrilling series on the Signal Watch podcast where host Ryan Stearns and I watch two episodes of Inhumans, and tell you all about the experience.

In the first podcast, we discuss episodes 1 and 2, including the boring sets, the insane costumes, the Flintstones-style use of mutants as appliances — and why I believe that this terrible show inspired the Encanto gift ceremony.

Inhumans is available on Disney+ if you want to watch the episodes before you listen to the podcast, but it’s not required.

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Elektra 25.2: This Will Make You Happy

I know that it sounds impossible. Elektra is a terrible movie, you would say, and you would be one hundred percent correct. If you listened to the first part of our two-part Elektra episode on the Signal Watch podcast, you learned exactly how terrible the first half of the movie is.

And yet — here in part 2 — I will give you four very good reasons to watch the final battle sequence from Elektra, and when you do, it will make you happy, and your life will be improved.

So catch our latest episode to learn all about flying electric snakes, ninja boardroom meetings, blind pool hustlers, the most ridiculous explosion ever filmed, and what you should consider when running away from lunatic ninja wizards.

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Elektra 25.1: Go Ninja Go Ninja Go

We always knew that it was our destiny… The day would come when Ryan Stearns of the Signal Watch and I would face our fears, and record a podcast episode about Elektra, the utterly failed 2005 sequel to the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie.

Join us for our two-part adventure as we discuss this spiritual sequel to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, where we talk about career criminals who don’t understand the concept of evidence, ninjas that burst into green powder when they die, and why you actually want to hear the “schwing” sound when someone pulls a knife on you.

I think this is our funniest episode so far, plus I now have an actual microphone, so you can hear me properly. Come check it out!

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Daredevil 18.1: Literally the Poor Man’s Batman

Like Matt Murdock and his down-and-out boxer dad, Ryan Steans and I made a promise to never give up. Of course, that didn’t work out very well for Matt’s dad, but I’m sure it’ll be fine for us.

Our goal is to seek justice one way or another, specifically by watching the pre-MCU Marvel movies and doing funny podcast episodes about how terrible they are. This time, we’re discussing Daredevil, the 2003 Ben Affleck effort about a blind lawyer who believes in justice so hard that he’s willing to kill as many people as it takes to achieve it.

Join us as we ask the tough questions: How does Matt smell that someone is pretty, all the way outside and down the street? Why does he think the death penalty is an appropriate punishment for being smug? How does Bullseye get away with killing people in broad daylight while he’s showing off his unbelievably distinguishing mark? And most importantly: does Daredevil provide any useful service?

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Ghost Rider 31.1: We Are Going to Have to Stop Finding Things Cool

Once again, I’m taking my life in my hands, performing the incredible daredevil feat of getting drunk and talking about terrible non-MCU Marvel movies on the Signal Watch podcast. This time, host Ryan Steans and I take apart the 2007 Nicolas Cage barnburner Ghost Rider, the first movie ever filmed entirely on the side of a guy’s van.

This movie has — 18 second pause — everything, if you like people who drive fast and talk slow. Nicolas Cage plays a mentally-uncertain motorcycle riding daredevil, who sells his soul to the Devil for a bag of magic beans and turns into a flaming-skull CGI desktop screensaver, battling a cadre of mean demons and that one guy who tried to steal a girl’s purse.

So please join us as we discuss Ninja Turtles, haunted electricity, soap opera devils, a strangely non-sexy shirtless dude scene, and — most shocking of all — the terrible truth about Eva Mendes’ feet.

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The New Mutants 86.1: Control Control Control Control Control and Control

So now I’ve got a new hobby/mission in life, which is to get really drunk and trash-talk all the terrible non-MCU Marvel movies on the film podcast The Signal Watch. In the latest episode, host Ryan Steans and I venture into the spooky haunted hospital of The New Mutants, the 2020 X-Men movie that you keep wondering if you should get around to watching at some point.

This is the story of five X-Teens trapped in a sinister prison orphanage mental hospital, unable to escape despite the fact that they are magnificent supermutants who could easily use their powers to wreck the place and run away. It’s the film that dares to tell the truth about how many bears there are inside you, and gives you step-by-step instructions on how to not do whatever the hell the spooky doctor who runs the institution is trying to achieve.

This movie has everything, including scolding therapy, hand puppets, lesbian romance, tambourines, a breathtakingly gorgeous naked dude, solitary confinement that looks exactly like their regular confinement, an inefficient email system, a guy who won’t shut up about working in the mines with his dad, and a cast of six annoying characters who fail at literally everything that they try to do.

Please come and join us on this adventure, because seriously we don’t want to be left alone with this movie.

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