Ghost Rider 31.1: We Are Going to Have to Stop Finding Things Cool

Once again, I’m taking my life in my hands, performing the incredible daredevil feat of getting drunk and talking about terrible non-MCU Marvel movies on the Signal Watch podcast. This time, host Ryan Steans and I take apart the 2007 Nicolas Cage barnburner Ghost Rider, the first movie ever filmed entirely on the side of a guy’s van.

This movie has — 18 second pause — everything, if you like people who drive fast and talk slow. Nicolas Cage plays a mentally-uncertain motorcycle riding daredevil, who sells his soul to the Devil for a bag of magic beans and turns into a flaming-skull CGI desktop screensaver, battling a cadre of mean demons and that one guy who tried to steal a girl’s purse.

So please join us as we discuss Ninja Turtles, haunted electricity, soap opera devils, a strangely non-sexy shirtless dude scene, and — most shocking of all — the terrible truth about Eva Mendes’ feet.


A weekend popcorn post about
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness!


— Danny Horn

6 thoughts on “Ghost Rider 31.1: We Are Going to Have to Stop Finding Things Cool

  1. A technical question: Will there still be blog posts in the future about these movies or will these conversations be in lieu of them? These are pretty in-depth and have some memorable observations.

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    1. Danny’s movie list shows 103 more movies to go. I think we don’t have to worry about running out of movie blog posts for a while.

      I like this smart and snarky community so much, that I could see some kind of forum picking up after Danny eventually finishes his run of superhero movies. Unless, of course, that Quest is Eternal.

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      1. Eternity is a long time but I have no doubt the MCU will outlive me. Likewise, I assume this podcast will remain a historical artifact and will take it’s rightful position in 2028 or so. My question is: Is the podcast supplemental to the future Ghost Rider blog posts or will it be the entire coverage given to the movie? Should we comment on the movie now or wait?
        Since I don’t know the answer to that, I will comment on the podcast instead, which is probably the safest thing to do since I haven’t seen the movie. This is the first of the four podcasts that hasn’t made me entirely rule out ever wanting to watch the movie. If anything I feel like I MUST check out Eva Mendes’ appearance in the film if she can affect Danny to such a degree.
        I think the problem with 2007 films is that the biggest movies were all sequels. 2008 actually had original ideas.
        Thanks for explaining Ninja Turtles. It’s pretty perfect.
        I loved Ryan’s description of “things that were rejected from a Meatloaf” album cover!
        It will be hard to continue watching after the break-up in the rain scene (Please! Why must it always be raining? If anyone wants to break up with me, I insist on there being either beautiful weather or a climate-controlled location). I will stick with it because a flaming horse-riding Ghost Rider sounds cool. (I know. I read the title. I have been warned. But it still sounds cool.) And playing “Ghost Riders in the Sky” sounds hysterical though killing off Elliott’s character then is stupid and the ending sounds very lame. Still, if I can find it for free somewhere between now and 2028, I’ll definitely give it a try.

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  2. “Should we comment on the movie now or wait?”

    I assume that as soon as we’ve got a reaction to something Danny’s posted, we can go ahead and post our reply. And that if we think of something else that fits his themes so far, his last post before vacation would be the place to put that before he’s back.

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  3. Yeah, I remember the original Ghost Rider comic in the early 1970’s, but it never caught my interest and my folks probably would have had a fit if they saw it. There were a lot of horror and occult comics at the time: remember Son of Satan, Blade, Daughter of Satan, the Ankh, etc? I’m not sure, but I think it was mostly in the “wandering hero” genre with the occasional confrontation with Satan and his minions.

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  4. Filming in Australia contributed the two best things about the movie for me–the amazing cemetery location and Rebel Wilson.
    There was no Stan Lee cameo so obviously not a real MCU movie.
    I did laugh twice–at the first couple bars of “Ghost Riders in the Sky” and when Cage delivered the line, “Is this ever going to end?” My thought exactly.

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