Daredevil 18.1: Literally the Poor Man’s Batman

Like Matt Murdock and his down-and-out boxer dad, Ryan Steans and I made a promise to never give up. Of course, that didn’t work out very well for Matt’s dad, but I’m sure it’ll be fine for us.

Our goal is to seek justice one way or another, specifically by watching the pre-MCU Marvel movies and doing funny podcast episodes about how terrible they are. This time, we’re discussing Daredevil, the 2003 Ben Affleck effort about a blind lawyer who believes in justice so hard that he’s willing to kill as many people as it takes to achieve it.

Join us as we ask the tough questions: How does Matt smell that someone is pretty, all the way outside and down the street? Why does he think the death penalty is an appropriate punishment for being smug? How does Bullseye get away with killing people in broad daylight while he’s showing off his unbelievably distinguishing mark? And most importantly: does Daredevil provide any useful service?

A sidekick is born
3.22: The Kid


— Danny Horn

2 thoughts on “Daredevil 18.1: Literally the Poor Man’s Batman

  1. Never saw this one, although it might be interesting to see it now that Affleck has also played Batman. I did see the first season of the TV show and it was quite good–real chemistry between the leads and Vincent D’Nofrio was terrific as Bullseye.


  2. I did see it on the big screen and all I remember is (Spoilers) he’s blind and Elektra dies. I was surprised to be told that Farrell, Duncan and Favreau are in this movie. I had heard of Jennifer Garner but never watched Alias. She’s pretty much the only character I have any memory of. Duncan as Kingpin sounds like potentially good casting. I wasn’t familiar with comic book Elektra so I didn’t know enough to be disappointed with Garner’s casting.
    Based on Daredevil as the Poor Man’s Batman, why would anyone hire him as actual Batman?
    The real problem seems to be the writing. Dusting for prints in a New York subway station is ridiculous but the Flaming Double D tops it. Obviously he keeps oil in his club.
    I love Danny’s line about “Uncle Ben’s everywhere” but orphans are more the rule than the exception in Superhero movies, Disney movies and fairy tales.
    I don’t know who actually does laundry on their roof, but The Greatest Showman had a dance sequence on a rooftop with laundry.
    Does Daredevil actually break Kingpin’s knees? That sounds like something a Mob Enforcer would do. He’s become his dad! And there’s the point of the movie. Circle of Life.


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