Elektra 25.1: Go Ninja Go Ninja Go

We always knew that it was our destiny… The day would come when Ryan Stearns of the Signal Watch and I would face our fears, and record a podcast episode about Elektra, the utterly failed 2005 sequel to the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie.

Join us for our two-part adventure as we discuss this spiritual sequel to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, where we talk about career criminals who don’t understand the concept of evidence, ninjas that burst into green powder when they die, and why you actually want to hear the “schwing” sound when someone pulls a knife on you.

I think this is our funniest episode so far, plus I now have an actual microphone, so you can hear me properly. Come check it out!

We review some tragic tropes
3.31: A Tale of Two Kisses


— Danny Horn

2 thoughts on “Elektra 25.1: Go Ninja Go Ninja Go

  1. I always thought this was a prequel since I saw her die in Daredevil. So they resurrected her for no really necessary reason to make a not really necessary sequel. Her ability to see the future must not have been presented well if it appears it could be interpreted as her manipulating time. I also hate “gotcha” moments, unless it’s Nicholas Blair returning Carolyn Stoddard to life in Dark Shadows–only because the show without her would have been so much less interesting. It doesn’t sound like this movie could have been made much less interesting, though the podcast is as entertaining as ever.
    I think Jennifer Garner and Gorin Visnjic are both attractive but not enough to get me to watch.


    1. If memory serves, Elektra was resurrected in the comics and it was kind of a big deal because they were building up to their reunion and comic book characters weren’t resurrected on a regular basis yet.


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