Inhumans 70b.2: I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon

Dig this: a family of rich, spoiled moon mutants are the rulers of an unstable and unsustainable civilization the size of Bitter Lick, Iowa, which is based on a clearly oppressive caste system in which poor people who don’t have superpowers are forced to spend their lives underground, digging with their fingernails to find crystals that will help the wealthy 1% turn their children into supermutants.

There is an inevitable and sorely-needed military coup, and the royal family’s college-age niece, in a panic, gets her magical teleporting dog to scatter the family around Oahu for some reason, where they instantly start breaking laws and assaulting people. 

So the driving question of the series is: How do the people of Hawaii band together to contain this dangerous situation?

This is part 2 of our four-part Inhumans series on the Signal Watch podcast, where Ryan and I discuss episodes 3 and 4 of this fascinating and absorbing series. Like the series itself, we’re probably shedding half of our audience with every episode, so please take a listen, because we do not want to be left alone with this television show.

Our tale draws to a close
3.43: Wes’ Lament


— Danny Horn

4 thoughts on “Inhumans 70b.2: I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon

  1. Yes, I’m still listening! And yes, this is the definitive podcast on Marvel’s “Inhumans”! I’m not ready to partake in Inhumans cosplay just yet; I’m trying to salvage what little self-respect I might still have.

    Thanks for addressing my questions from your first episode. Unfortunately, just as some things became clear, I watched episodes 3 and 4 which frankly made my head hurt. I would admit I’m probably overthinking it, but thinking about “Inhumans” at all would qualify as overthinking. As you said, watching this is becoming more and more challenging. So because my brain has melted a bit — and not entirely as a result of the 112 degree heatwave we’re in — I’m just going to list my random thoughts and reactions to this podcast episode:

    You state in your intro that the poor people of Attilan have to work to support the wealthy 1% of the population. Since we now know that the total population is 1400, then that powerful 1% consist of 14 people. It seems that nearly 14 “oppressors” are gone or dead by the 4th episode, so a revolution doesn’t seem all that implausible.

    Ryan compared the Attilan government to an aristocracy, and Maximus actually referred to it as a meritocracy. Again, sounding like a stubborn 2-year-old, I ask,”Why?” Why did it become a meritocracy of 1400, with the equivalent of the student government class telling the entire group of freshmen and sophomores that they have to go work in mines? The only reason the lower classes would accept this would be if their lives were perpetually threatened, thus turning the system into an authoritarian dictatorship. And if that’s the case, why are we expected to care about or root for any of these characters? Again, overthinking.

    Danny comments I love: “Rape Room Service.” “Pigs in Space dress.” If you could make a Muppet reference in every episode, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Ryan, there is no shame about watching and enjoying the Hallmark Holiday movies. I even watch the “Christmas in July” reruns, just to remind me that there’s a world out there full of pretty Canadians kissing in the snow.

    “Karnak is not hot enough for me.” I hear ya, Danny. I’m not so judgmental in my daily life, but if I’m going to spend time watching soaps and superhero shows, there better be some truly hot guys running around.

    Thanks for doing this, guys. You know, the only reason I’m watching “Inhumans” on Disney+ is because of this podcast. You might be able to get Disney to sponsor you, since it’s the only way they’ll increase viewership for this sad, doomed little show. I’m looking forward to next week!

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  2. My guess is that Attilan is based on fairy tales where everyone in the kingdom is happy and about to break into song. Politics never enters into it.

    Real kingdoms are more like Latveria, where Doctor Doon can vaporize you for singing off key.

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  3. I was wondering about the covers of Paint It Black and (Don’t Fear) The Reaper so I’m glad you explained about them. I haven’t watched any episodes since 2017 and since I didn’t remember anyone from Lost being on it I mustn’t have watched much then. I enjoyed Danny calling Declan Desmond.
    They do make memorial jewelry for cremated remains so I guess someone could put some ashes in a rocket. Also since men are capable of fathering children at an advanced age, Louise’s father could have been born in the 1930s.
    I was wondering if any of the writers had written for television before so I looked them up. Scott Buck wrote for Six Feet Under and Dexter. Rick Cleveland wrote for Six Feet Under and West Wing. Wendy West and Scott Reynolds both wrote for Dexter and Reynolds also wrote for Jessica Jones. Quinton Peeples produced 11.22.63. Charles Murray wrote for Sons of Anarchy, Castle, Luke Cage and Star Wars: Rebels and The Clone Wars. These are experienced writers and producers with solid hits in their backgrounds. What happened? Was it bad editing? Was it network interference? These people should have been able to write a coherent story. I don’t understand it.
    I would expect a dark tone from this group. I would not expect something nonsensical and shallow. But Ryan says I have to be kind so I’ll stop there.

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  4. Dave is definitely hot. But I wouldn’t say he’s the ONLY hot guy in this. Anson Mount is hot, especially when he smiles. Oh wait, Black Bolt never smiles, does he? I also find Maximus to be kinda hot as well.

    I just saw a headline indicating that She-Hulk has slipped below Inhumans in ratings. Which a) is very sad because I’m enjoying She-Hulk, but b) kinda funny that Inhumans is still recognized as the nadir of superhero shows.


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