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Superman II 2.4: Fight the Tower

Well, speaking of foreign distribution rights, here’s girl reporter Lois Lane let loose in a foreign country, and she’s about to be distributed widely across a sizeable stretch of western Europe, if the hydrogen bomb she’s inadvertently strapped to her back hits the pavement at the base of the Eiffel Tower.

The bomb — if it actually is a bomb — has been assembled by a group of inconclusive terrorists demanding nothing in particular from probably the government of France. The terrorists take the elevator up to the top of the tower, where they have the bomb (if it is a bomb) primed to explode in sixty seconds, which they don’t want to do, while the police use their own explosives to set off the bomb, which they don’t want to do either.

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Superman 1.41: Levitate Me

“Oh, hi Clark!” Lois says absently, mostly paying attention to the newspaper she’s reading. “How’d you like your first day on the job?”

“Well, um,” Clark begins, which does not bode well for his efforts to keep her attention. “Frankly, you know, the hours were a bit longer than I expected.”

This is hard to swallow, considering all the time he spent standing around in the Fortress of Solitude, listening to his dad give lectures about immortality and the human heart. Dude’s had nothing but long hours for the last twelve years; he should be used to them by now.

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