Fantastic Four 28.1: Fun with the Fantastic Four, part 1

People sometimes ask, if I’m writing about superhero movies in such painstaking detail, how am I ever going to get to the later movies?

Well, this is one way: going on other people’s podcasts to talk about them! This week, I’m the guest on a 2-part episode of The Signal Watch Podcast, comparing the 2005 Fantastic Four movie and the 2015 Fantastic Four movie.

In the first episode, we cover various important questions, like: How does something sneak up on you in space? How does being invisible help you push your way through a crowd? Is the internet perverted enough to help Ben Grimm get a date? and Why is Johnny Storm basically a Ninja Turtle?


And if you think that the 2005 FF is a terrible movie, just wait until you hear part 2, when we get into the tragic horrorshow of the 2015 movie!

A special weekend post on The Batman!


— Danny Horn

3 thoughts on “Fantastic Four 28.1: Fun with the Fantastic Four, part 1

  1. My knowledge of the Fantastic Four consists of having read one comic book. I liked it. But good golly, Danny, not even Chris Evans in a hot tub is going to make me watch this movie based on this conversation.
    As far as sad, lonely Ben Grimm is concerned, Beauty and the Beast is a well that never runs dry. They could have gone that route, but maybe they figured he was more relatable to angst-ridden teens if they kept him sad and lonely? I certainly felt sorry for him based on that one comic book.
    The fact that these characters are not recognizably Dr. Doom and the Fantastic Four is going to be a recurring problem. Just wait for Constantine. I really don’t understand the bait and switch of this. Why don’t they believe in those characters as written? It doesn’t sound like whoever wrote the screenplay improved upon the originals.
    “They fix their own problems and that makes them heroes.” That’s an Afternoon Special, not a superhero movie.
    I’m just grateful Marvel didn’t hold this movie against Chris Evans. Greater things await.
    It just sounds like a slog until we get there.

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    1. I forgive all the flaws of this movie just because it introduced me to Chris Evans and Chris Evans’ chest. For me, the scenes Danny calls out with him are worth the price of admission.

      I do agree with Mary that I’m glad Marvel came back to him for Steve Rogers. As much as I liked him as Johnny, I love him even more as Cap.

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