Elektra 25.2: This Will Make You Happy

I know that it sounds impossible. Elektra is a terrible movie, you would say, and you would be one hundred percent correct. If you listened to the first part of our two-part Elektra episode on the Signal Watch podcast, you learned exactly how terrible the first half of the movie is.

And yet — here in part 2 — I will give you four very good reasons to watch the final battle sequence from Elektra, and when you do, it will make you happy, and your life will be improved.

So catch our latest episode to learn all about flying electric snakes, ninja boardroom meetings, blind pool hustlers, the most ridiculous explosion ever filmed, and what you should consider when running away from lunatic ninja wizards.

Finally, a good scene
3.24: The Secret Life of Plants


— Danny Horn

1 thought on “Elektra 25.2: This Will Make You Happy

  1. “…it will make you happy, and your life will be improved.”
    Promises, promises.
    The fight scene is available on YouTube so anyone interested can indulge their curiosity for free. It is not worth paying for. It is just under 12 minutes long but seems to go on forever.
    Also, any costume that is not flattering on Jennifer Garner is a BAD costume and this one is beyond terrible.

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