Inhumans 70b.3: Are We the Baddies?

This is where we are: A family of selfish, hyper-destructive idiot moon mutants have been forced against their will to go on vacation in Hawaii, which they insist on believing is a nightmare, despite the fact that everyone is super nice to them, and they’re having a wonderful time.

Yes, Ryan and I are still watching Inhumans, and we have a whole four-part podcast to prove it. This is part three, covering episodes 5 and 6, in which the royal family of the moon continue to bumble around Oahu, wrecking everything they see.

This is the point when the writers start trashing their entire premise, taking everything that we thought we knew about the main characters’ stupid civilization, and completely contradicting it without even really noticing that they’re doing it. The smartest character on the show turns out to be the beautiful surfer dude, and both Ryan and I somehow fall completely under his spell.

Nobody else gives you this kind of deep coverage of inconsequential failed superhero television shows, so check it out, and we’ll be back next week with the final installment!

The final installment of our Inhumans podcast!
Inhumans 70b.4: But Here We Are


— Danny Horn

1 thought on “Inhumans 70b.3: Are We the Baddies?

  1. So as I was watching these episodes in preparation for your podcast, struggling to make sense yet again of so many things that just don’t make sense, a familiar feeling came over me. It was the feeling that you get as a child, when you’re home sick from school, lying on the couch watching an old movie, and you doze off occasionally, only to wake up confused and distraught because you know you’ve missed parts of the story but you’re too groggy and unmotivated to try and figure out just what’s going on. I feel that way watching “Inhumans,” only without the benefit of a pleasant nap. So much gratitude to you both for making me feel less alone as my brain hurts and I question my life choices.

    Something else occurred to me this time, which is Danny’s rule for new characters that he’s mentioned in his blogs: make a joke, make a friend, make a plot point. It seems that it should apply to ALL the characters here, because they all seem to fail at it. Only Dave and Louise are successful at this rule, though I’m not sure if they can claim to make plot points if there’s no real plot. But if any of the other characters could follow this rule, there’s a chance they might be interesting, or at least worth noting.

    Favorite line, Danny: “Death and destruction and warranty-voiding everywhere you look.”

    And yes, Dave should fuck every character in the show, thus creating a plethora of plot points. I’m just worried that all the sex scenes would be in parking lots and warehouses.

    I’m actually looking forward to episodes 7 and 8 — even though they will be sadly Dave-less — just because you two have found a way to bring joy to utter television failure. And Danny, unless you feel it’s somehow inappropriate, I think you should plug Dark Shadows Every Day next time, because it’s brilliant work and I think more lives should be enriched by your brilliance.

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