Inhumans 70b.4: But Here We Are

You know, sometimes it’s important to step back and focus on the things that are truly insignificant, and that’s what Ryan and I have done with our 4-part podcast explaining and condemning the 2017 ABC-TV disaster Marvel’s Inhumans.

It’s the season finale for my series of podcasts with the Signal Watch on terrible Marvel products of the past, and we willfully squander that time discussing episodes 7 and 8 of this utterly ridiculous show.

This time, we dig into the big questions, like: How do you make a show that’s entirely about genetics when you don’t anything about how genes work? and: Why would you make a show about a race of superheroes where you don’t tell us what anybody’s powers are?

Give us a listen and enjoy the schadenfreude, as we find out what happens when reach exceeds grasp by a very wide margin.


Also: I’m calling this a season finale for my Signal Watch podcasts, because it’s probably time for me to stop taking over Ryan’s show and actually start one of my own. That won’t happen until I’ve settled into the Superman III coverage for a bit, so I’m not sure when it’ll launch, or what it’ll be about. But I’ve really enjoyed these podcasts, and I plan on doing more of them, so stay tuned for that.

The start of the Superman III coverage!
4.1: The Sweet Smell of Shit


— Danny Horn

1 thought on “Inhumans 70b.4: But Here We Are

  1. Yes … episode 8, like dry skin, is a struggle. So kudos to you both for sticking with it just so we can benefit from this podcast. I have only a few comments this time because, like Maximus, I was worn out by the end of it all:

    I feel comforted by the fact that you both reacted to Triton’s appearance as the moment when it all stopped making sense. I again always assume I’m just not paying enough attention, but now I know that there is truly no logic or thought being applied to this story.

    I think you’re probably right in saying that 2 million people must be the default audience for any show. A little frightening to think about, but there it is.

    Concerning the story progression of these final episodes, it seems that the main event that changes the course of the plot is the breakdown of the city’s sewer system, which really is enough to bring down any tyrant.

    Anyway… thanks for the time and effort you both put into this. And YES, Danny, you should start your own podcast. If you’ll allow me to make suggestions: you could of course do regular posts following your Superheroes Every Day topics, but I’d also love to hear you occasionally harken back to “Dark Shadows” and maybe even “The Muppet Show,” unless you feel it’s time to move on from them. And by the way, as a long-time soap watcher, I’d be curious to hear discussions about “One Life to Live,” or the soap opera genre in general. You have such a wealth of knowledge, as well as a unique and enjoyable perspective on all these subjects, and I’m sure your podcast will be fun and engaging.

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