Episode 7: Morbius

Initiate lockdown! This week, Dark Shadows audio producer Joe Lidster joins me on the podcast to talk about the 2021 vampire superhero blockbuster disaster Morbius, the movie that dares to tell the truth about modern vampire science.

Morbius is a tense and unsatisfying movie about a Nobel Prize-denying doctor with an unnamed incurable blood disease, who injects himself with vampire bat DNA and then spends the rest of the movie worrying about it.

This is Joe’s first taste of modern superhero movies, and it does not go down well at all. It is an utterly baffling, underwritten mess of a movie that asks the question: How many fatal flaws can one motion picture have?

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As usual, this episode is split up according to the Syd Field three-act structure. Here’s Act 2:

And here’s Act 3!

Next week on the podcast:
Ant-Man & the Wasp: Quantumania!

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— Danny Horn

1 thought on “Episode 7: Morbius

  1. The line about the mysterious guy kicking ass is Morbius’s way of warning the guys. It’s not referring to the movie the lab guy is watching.
    It sounds like a truly terrible movie. I like Matt Smith but not enough to watch that. I feel very sorry for Joseph Lidster. You probably won’t get him back for Blade after that.

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